newest addition to the family


Well, this fantastic brooch isn’t technically a new addition — I purchased it last year around the same time — but since it’s still a fairly recent purchase I guess I’ll let it slide this time. When I was on O’ahu last summer my mom and I wandered across a little boutique selling home goods and vintage treasures, and this piece immediately stood out to me. The brooch was passed down to the shopkeeper by her grandmother, and since it didn’t hold too much sentimental value for her she put it up for sale in her store. I love its incessant sparkle and shine; I can’t stop staring at it, even now!

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arts, newest addition to the family

tuning in

Last week I enjoyed a relaxing visit at home for 4th of July celebrations, and in the midst of scheduling a haircut, camping out for fireworks, and whipping up delicious (instant) vanilla pudding, I picked up an assortment of vintage vinyl. An afternoon stroll around town turned into a hunt for gold as I discovered and subsequently sifted through dusty records in one of Calistoga’s consignment stores. I was in heaven as I pored over boxes and squinted at shelves full of rock classics. My favorite finds were Elton John‘s “Greatest Hits,” the Eagles‘ “Hotel California,” and Hall & Oates‘ “Rock ‘n Soul Part 1,” though the haul also included albums from David Bowie, Lou Reed, Paul Simon, and the Rolling Stones.

I started a record collection a couple of years ago when I bought my boyfriend a turntable for Valentine’s Day. Though we don’t usually use it on a day to day basis (how would I accumulate last.fm plays?) it’s always fun to break out some tunes the old-fashioned way. There’s nothing quite like the hissing, crackling, and popping of vinyl on a turntable, and sometimes I leave the needle circling around for awhile just to listen to the sounds.

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sharp specs

There are millions and millions of internet shops out there, and as an Etsy fanatic, I’ve decided to bring my favorites to Mode and the Like on a regular basis. I’m always browsing the online marketplace for beautiful and inspiring vintage and handmade items, and considering I’m starting a shop of my own sometime soon, it’s almost like business research!

Recently I came across Vintage 50s Eyewear, which offers goods related to its self-explanatory name (and through the 80s). From Ray Bans to rhinestone-adorned cat eyes, the shop stocks one of a kind glasses sans the lenses for easy personal application. There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from, and the price is definitely right for their immaculate, mint condition. It’s plain to see that the owner, Teresa, is passionate about her vintage and antique eyewear through her streamlined store and broad selection. Forget Halloween and costume party accessories; if you’re searching for a way to up your retro factor visit the Vintage 50s Eyewear Etsy shop to find your perfect pair!

(Photos, via Vintage 50s Eyewear)

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personal style

but you’re not really here, it’s just the radio

For me today was all about the heavy fog turned sunshine, grilled cheese, Mission Street’s beautiful St. Patrick Church, and the Carpenters. Lunch at The Melt definitely made my day ten times better, but sixties and seventies tunes were the real key. As for my outfit, I was sort of going for an understated grunge feel. And I finally wore my cage necklace! That really made me feel accomplished.

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personal style

my threadshow threads

Yesterday I had my first encounter with the THREADshow, and I hope to make it back every year from now on. My friend Pilar informed me of it last week, and I’m so thankful she did. I was blown away by all the independent jewelry and clothing at the event, which was perfect for Christmas shopping (as well as a few self-indulgent buys!).

Since I knew I’d be walking around for hours, I chose my comfiest clothes that were still stylish enough to wear in public.  The olive-green coat has been one of my favorite purchases this year, remaining functional and warm with a grungy feel. My fingertips are truly the finishing touch, however; since I’ve been stressed and therefore biting my nails lately, on Saturday I went to Union Nails at Polk and Pacific to get a full set of acrylics. I’m obsessed with the blue-grey color and how perfectly it goes with my new iridescent druzy ring.

Check back tomorrow for THREADshow photos, where you can expect images of dazzling jewels and refined fashions.

(Coat Cheap Monday / Top H&M / Pants Gap / Scarf Zara / Rainboots J.Crew / Rings Elisa Gonsalves Designs + Monterey Bay Silver Co. / Earrings de Young Museum / Bracelets Vintage)

(Photos taken by Pilar Gonzalez and are property of Mode and the Like)

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