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listen up | old favorites for fall


While some people revel in crafting playlists with one hundred of the newest hits, I’m the kind of person who gets immense pleasure from listening to her favorite bands over and over again and occasionally seeking out new music. I love lots of different music genres, but my tastes tend to lean towards oldies and indie music. I also prefer to listen to a band or musical artist’s entire album instead of jumping around between songs, but occasionally I’ll create a playlist that reflects my current headspace. Fall always gets me nostalgic, so I’ve recently had a bunch of old favorites (you can never go wrong with Death Cab for Cutie, The Decemberists, or Simon & Garfunkel!) on repeat. Click through to hear an hour’s worth of autumn-appropriate tunes.

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monday mood

monday mood / june 6th


Listening to…
Emily King’s The Switch, Santigold’s 99 Cents, Brave Shores’s self-titled album

The Blind Assassin 
by Margaret Atwood

Check out…
the NY Times Opinionator for a cultural analysis of the saying “is that even a thing?” / this step-by-step guide to making delicious tea lattes / some great advice from NYLON about post-graduate life (I’m soaking it all in!) / this reminder from Science of Us that we’re all know-it-alls and should be more humble / this conversation between Sophia Amoruso and Emily Weiss for #Girlboss Radio / the newly-released magazine Mary Review


Well hello, June. I can’t believe how quickly the time goes. You’ve probably noticed that things are happening here on Mode and the Like. I’ve revamped my layout and renewed my commitment to blog here. I want to once again use this space to explore my many interests, from style and beauty products to literature and the art world. Thank you to anyone who’s stuck around to see this blog suffer its dry spells. I’ve got some fresh ideas for future content and am excited to continue my story here. (On another note, even though it’s more of a fall hue, I’m really craving emerald everything, especially when it’s the accent for an otherwise black and white outfit.)

Here’s to starting again, and keeping it classy in the process.

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