what’s in my bag?

What's in my Bag?

Good morning, readers! I’ve never done a “what’s in my bag?” post before, and since love to get a glimpse into people’s handbags, apartments, and workspaces (i.e. lives), I thought it might be fun to share the contents of my little crossbody with you today. A bag is comparable to a car or a house; it’s an extension of oneself, a functional space that intentionally and unintentionally paints a portrait of its owner. Why are HGTV shows and sites like The Coveteur or Into The Gloss so popular? They provide avenues for us to connect with others. They fulfill our curiosity. They give us ideas.

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kurt cobain + nirvana by jesse frohman

Why is Kurt Cobain so mesmerizing? These photos, taken soon before his tragic demise, are grunge perfection. The chipped nail polish, the patched pants, the leopard coat, the layers… and of course, the Jackie O-inspired sunglasses. A crisp white, commanding an attention that was little sought by Cobain, who shirked the spotlight when the world wanted more…

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personal style


It’s been too long since I posted an outfit on Mode and the Like. Even though these photos were taken at the end of April on a too bright, too windy day, I really felt the urge to upload them. The weather wasn’t quite cooperating at my cousin’s (white attire!) wedding in Oakland, but I jumped at the chance to hopefully post something up on this here blog, so there you go.

(Blazer Silence + Noise / Dress Hello Miss / Belt H&M / Shoes Zara / Lipstick Covergirl Blast Flipstick Lipcolor in Tease / Sunglasses Urban Outfitters / Ring Betsey Johnson)

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sunshine, shades & soul

There’s something special about the light in California, the way it seems to radiate effortlessly, evoking quintessential Golden State visions of quiet suburbs, heatstroke highways, and sandy beaches lined with lonely palms. Seasonal transitions are subtle when it comes to sunlight, and the severe winter glare that plagues many a foggy San Francisco day has finally begun to simmer into a warm, pre-summer blaze.

Sunglasses are a must in California, if not for function, then for pure flair. Even though my collection of shades is fairly diverse, I’m always on the hunt for a new pair to stand out among the sea of Ray Bans. This morning, when I came across Wild Soul, their collection of specs hit the spot, so much that they stirred me from my blogging slump. And here I am!

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