what’s in my bag?

What's in my Bag?

Good morning, readers! I’ve never done a “what’s in my bag?” post before, and since love to get a glimpse into people’s handbags, apartments, and workspaces (i.e. lives), I thought it might be fun to share the contents of my little crossbody with you today. A bag is comparable to a car or a house; it’s an extension of oneself, a functional space that intentionally and unintentionally paints a portrait of its owner. Why are HGTV shows and sites like The Coveteur or Into The Gloss so popular? They provide avenues for us to connect with others. They fulfill our curiosity. They give us ideas.

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p.s., i love you

I’ve been a fan of Proenza Schouler‘s downtown, cool-girl attitude for a long time now, and my adoration only increased when I saw the mid-century modern shapes, knit bodysuits, and chic Hawaiian patterns exemplified on their Summer 2012 runway. Since I am of Hawaiian descent, I find myself drawn to modern applications of traditional Pacific Island textiles. Proenza Schouler’s tropical prints, which received a modern update with a poppy yet sophisticated palette of aquamarine, sky blue, yellow ochre, and lemon, found their way onto dresses, skirts, tops, belts, and—the clincher—bags. Satchels, totes, clutches: if it’s Proenza Schouler, I’m always interested.

Paired with their sleek seventies-inspired shoes (really, truly, I’m dying for the black ones) I can see my whole summer ahead of me, right to the very end when the scorching heat turns to an autumn chill. Though the summer will fade into a San Francisco fog, the wedge sandals and canvas purses will evoke ocean breezes and outdoor cocktail parties all year long. Oh, I think I see an investment in my near future…

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