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monday, monday

Today is an uneventful one, full of homework, homework, and then more homework.  But in the midst of all that, I thought I’d share a photo of the little glass vase I bought at McEvoy Ranch Olive Oil in the Ferry Building, as well as a couple of magazines I’m excited about.  The vase came in three different shapes, all of which I admired, but I bought just one.

Awhile ago I picked up Vol. 18 (June/July/August) of Les Plus Beaux Interieurs, a French magazine which has the most visually stunning shots of beautifully designed homes and exteriors from all over the world.  I grabbed it for inspiration, and will have to rely on the pictures since sadly my French is no longer up to par.  The October issue of Harper’s Bazaar is also a recent grab since I can’t not buy a magazine with Lady Gaga on it.  It was disappointing to find only two photographs accompanying the cover article, but considering the magazine is usually filled with interesting content I’m not too remorseful.

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Inspired by…

A Blogger user since July of 2007, Ireland-based Kat of She’s in Vogue has served as a beacon of inspiration for me since I discovered her site this past month. With signature curly locks and a vintage appeal, her personal style is ladylike but experimental.  Though heavily laden with photos, her blog is filled to the brim with compelling content.  Kat has an intelligent voice and is culturally knowledgeable, drawing a connection between contemporary fashions, film, and art history.

Her own watercolor portraits are fluid and filled with character, showcasing her talent as an artist.  Her use of color, composition, line quality, and movement are all particularly fascinating to someone who is obsessed with fashion illustration.  These paintings are visible in Kat’s outfit posts; behind her, faces cover the walls and peer out into the lens alluringly.  She rarely blogs about her artwork, but I wouldn’t mind a whole website devoted solely to her masterpieces.  Kat’s portrayals of Jessica Stam, Audrey Hepburn, Sasha Pivovarova, Isabella Blow, and other renowned fashion figures motivate me to draw (and potentially paint, though I have little experience with painting) and try my hand at assorted mediums.

My drawing of Jana Knauerova was achieved with Prismacolor Premier markers, Tombow brush pens, and Portfolio Series oil pastels in a recycled hardcover Utrecht sketchbook.  I’m currently obsessed with the oatmeal-colored paper since you can use white in your design, which is an unexpected element when we’re all used to seeing white as a backdrop.

(Jessica Stam and Isabella Blow illustration photos, via She’s in Vogue)

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