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listen up | old favorites for fall


While some people revel in crafting playlists with one hundred of the newest hits, I’m the kind of person who gets immense pleasure from listening to her favorite bands over and over again and occasionally seeking out new music. I love lots of different music genres, but my tastes tend to lean towards oldies and indie music. I also prefer to listen to a band or musical artist’s entire album instead of jumping around between songs, but occasionally I’ll create a playlist that reflects my current headspace. Fall always gets me nostalgic, so I’ve recently had a bunch of old favorites (you can never go wrong with Death Cab for Cutie, The Decemberists, or Simon & Garfunkel!) on repeat. Click through to hear an hour’s worth of autumn-appropriate tunes.

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monday mood

monday mood / nov. 23rd


Listening to…
Kali Uchis’s Por Vida, Sage’s In Between, Brigitte’s A bouche que veux-tu

Why Not Me? 
by Mindy Kaling

Check out…
the fascinating history of plaidthis NY Times article about concert halls as refuges from technology / this A.V. Club article about feminism in movies / this article about the Native American naming tradition


Though I’ve been overwhelmed with work lately, I’ve attempted to keep an eye on current fashion-related literature so that I can contribute to the conversation when I find time. Lately, I’ve enjoyed Vanessa Friedman’s “On the Runway” column, archives of Cathy Horyn for “On the Runway,” Cathy Horyn’s work in general, and the odd Pacific Standard article that engages in fashion, costume, or clothing in some way. I also recently purchased the Fall issue of Lapham’s Quarterly (the Fashion issue!), though I have yet to read it. If Lapham’s Quarterly is publishing an entire issue on the subject, that obviously means it’s a topic ripe for discussion and contemplation.

More coming in the winter months—stay tuned.

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