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Welcome to “Read This, Read That,” where I invite friends, bloggers, and bibliophiles of all sorts to share some of their favorite books or writing with Mode and the Like. From novels and poems to cookbooks and art tomes, you’ll find a diverse selection of recommended reading in this feature.


The Folded Clock: A Diary by Heidi Julavits
recommended by Amelia

Heidi Julavits’s The Folded Clock: A Diary is one I keep recommending to my closest friends. This honest, reflective book had me alternating between laughing, crying, and nodding with recognition.

The diary format is an interesting deviation from a usual memoir, which it is not, except in tone. I found the subject matter relatable, but I also identify as a woman, a writer, and a fellow journaler. Plus she writes on topics that I soak up, like desire, relationships, motherhood, writing, self-doubt, anxiety, gender, interior design, and that impulse to Google everyone you meet. So this book for me felt both current and timeless, and time lapsed in a cohesive way for me.

It was brave of Julavits to collect and publish these journal entries for public consumption. When I finished the book, it felt as if I’d embarked on a really significant new relationship or met a dear new friend—the fun, spontaneous kind that has a fire in her.

The prose parcels out the kind of intimacy that normally takes years of trust and shared experience to forge—only without the red-wine hangover or that crippling self-doubt loop of “did I say too much?”

A quote I liked from this book, which I plan to revisit in the years to come: “I reread books to measure my degree of difference from myself.”



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