5 podcasts to check out now


In all honesty, I don’t listen to many podcasts. I spend most of my free time reading, flipping through magazines, and watching reruns of my favorite TV shows. But when I find a podcast that I really like, I treat it like a new season of House of Cards and binge the hell out of it.

My first foray into podcasts began with the almighty Serial; I fell in love with it when the first season was only five episodes deep, and have been fascinated by podcast storytelling ever since. This year I’ve also been determined to be a better feminist—out of the 54 books I plan to read this year, 40 of them (75%) will be by women—and so I’ve been hunting for podcasts with a similar goal in mind. As a result, three out of the five podcasts are about and produced by women. Read on and get ready to discover some audio gems.

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