book lover’s gift guide: etsy edition


What do you buy for the reader who has everything—because to them, everything means a cup of tea and a good book? Bookish things, of course! Feast your eyes on the 2016 Mode and the Like Book Lover’s Gift Guide. Your friend with the impeccable literary taste is in for a treat.

There’s a twist this year, however; I’ve been very adamant about supporting artisans and small businesses recently, so I’ve put together a “Best of Etsy” gift guide for those impossible-to-shop-for Ernest Hemingway and Jane Austen aficionados. Your friend will soon be filling their pantry with fine Jane Eyre-themed tea, adorning their new tote bag with shiny pins, burning their new Old Books-scented candle with glee, and thanking you for years. Read on for all the details.

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life etc.

101 goals in 1001 days

Starting New Year’s day, I resurrected a long-forgotten project that had always interested me a great deal: 101 Goals in 1001 Days. In 2009, as a hopeful high school senior transitioning to a college freshmen, I created my very first 101 Goals list. The first time around I basically forgot about it and in the end crossed off only 26 of the 101 (most notably seeing The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson live and getting my hair dyed blue and pink) since I did not actively pursue these goals. Now I’m dedicated to following through, posting monthly updates here about my accomplishments, and checking every box by September 29th, 2015.

Curious about the list? Read on to find out where I’ll be traveling, what I’ll be making, what books I’ll be reading, and more!

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sharp specs

There are millions and millions of internet shops out there, and as an Etsy fanatic, I’ve decided to bring my favorites to Mode and the Like on a regular basis. I’m always browsing the online marketplace for beautiful and inspiring vintage and handmade items, and considering I’m starting a shop of my own sometime soon, it’s almost like business research!

Recently I came across Vintage 50s Eyewear, which offers goods related to its self-explanatory name (and through the 80s). From Ray Bans to rhinestone-adorned cat eyes, the shop stocks one of a kind glasses sans the lenses for easy personal application. There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from, and the price is definitely right for their immaculate, mint condition. It’s plain to see that the owner, Teresa, is passionate about her vintage and antique eyewear through her streamlined store and broad selection. Forget Halloween and costume party accessories; if you’re searching for a way to up your retro factor visit the Vintage 50s Eyewear Etsy shop to find your perfect pair!

(Photos, via Vintage 50s Eyewear)

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newest addition to the family

sequins, buttons, and beads

I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed and uninspired lately due to my heavy school workload.  But now with my very own Etsy vintage store on the horizon and a new collection of beautiful buttons (I’m a collector!), I feel a bit rejuvenated.

Today, my mom and I visited Britex Fabrics, which was having their annual 30% off sale on the entire store.  Naturally, it seemed like the perfect time to go crazy on the Notions floor.  I love buying button grab bags (and Britex’s were only $5!) since you never know what’s inside.  They’re great for projects, crafts, and collage, in addition to the obvious use for clothes.  I also found some vintage-looking buttons that resembled fine jewelry; they’re almost too pretty to use, and will serve me well just for inspiration.  My new coin purse is making me very happy these days as well; when I spotted its multicolored sequins, gold thread, and adorable flowers from afar at Paper Source last week, I knew instantly that I had to buy it.

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pasting pretty

The collage work of Michigan-based artist little gold poppy (real name, Melissa) captures the essence of place, drawing the viewer into a dream state halfway between fantasy and reality.  The cutouts are composed uniquely to form a scene, while concise captions sum up the ambiance and feeling contained in each setting.  Her body of work consistently conveys mood with color, light, perspective, and content, while each piece provides an independent narrative. Her visual volumes are feats of wonderment as well, telling stories with limited words and simple graphic statements.  Linking similar subject matter from multiple sources to create cohesive art is no easy task, and Melissa’s arrangements reveal hard work, a genuine thoughtfulness, and imagination.

Melissa’s work is available for sale on her Etsy shop, little gold poppy.

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