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The weekend before last was THREADshow, and I was super excited to attend considering I’d never heard of it before. Pouring in from near and far, shoppers mulled about the Metreon while the DJ’s beats kept spirits high and food stands doled out free snacks. The marketplace, which featured a wide-ranging assortment of independent clothing and jewelry designers, was filled to the brim with wares and apparel for men and women.

Though I snatched a few well-priced garments from the packed racks, I was attracted moreso to the dainty, glamorous, urban, and vintage-sourced jewels that sparkled from afar. Vendors like Linquist by April Hansen, Lola Paige, Aknot Jewerly, Elisa Gonsalves Designs, Rojas, Lauren Harkness, and Frolick Jewelry (among others) stood out against the dozens and dozens who turned up to sell their threads and hand-crafted goods.

While browsing, I asked merchants if I could photograph and feature their designs on my blog. They were happy to share their choice merchandise with Mode and the Like, and I’m thrilled to finally post the many images for all to see.

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personal style

my threadshow threads

Yesterday I had my first encounter with the THREADshow, and I hope to make it back every year from now on. My friend Pilar informed me of it last week, and I’m so thankful she did. I was blown away by all the independent jewelry and clothing at the event, which was perfect for Christmas shopping (as well as a few self-indulgent buys!).

Since I knew I’d be walking around for hours, I chose my comfiest clothes that were still stylish enough to wear in public.  The olive-green coat has been one of my favorite purchases this year, remaining functional and warm with a grungy feel. My fingertips are truly the finishing touch, however; since I’ve been stressed and therefore biting my nails lately, on Saturday I went to Union Nails at Polk and Pacific to get a full set of acrylics. I’m obsessed with the blue-grey color and how perfectly it goes with my new iridescent druzy ring.

Check back tomorrow for THREADshow photos, where you can expect images of dazzling jewels and refined fashions.

(Coat Cheap Monday / Top H&M / Pants Gap / Scarf Zara / Rainboots J.Crew / Rings Elisa Gonsalves Designs + Monterey Bay Silver Co. / Earrings de Young Museum / Bracelets Vintage)

(Photos taken by Pilar Gonzalez and are property of Mode and the Like)

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