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on self-fulfillment

When I graduated from university in May, I immediately missed its structure. I missed the predetermined schedule and the deadlines. I missed reading from textbooks and receiving grades for my hard work. Suddenly I was left to my own devices, and instead of having to complete assignments for a professor, I found myself in charge. I was now the one dictating my daily assignments and responsibilities, the one holding myself accountable for my projects. I was now both professor and student.

I can only take the university metaphor so far, but my real problem was I had no idea what my goals were. Finding a job was an obvious task I needed to accomplish, but I’d just spent the last seven years of my life learning and finding fulfillment through art and literature. My dreams felt as abstract as ever, and I found myself binge-watching Daria and Game of Thrones and ignoring the pressing need to find a creative outlet.

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