What do you buy for the reader who has everything—because to them, everything means a cup of tea and a good book? Bookish things, of course! Feast your eyes on the 2016 Mode and the Like Book Lover’s Gift Guide. Your friend with the impeccable literary taste is in for a treat.

There’s a twist this year, however; I’ve been very adamant about supporting artisans and small businesses recently, so I’ve put together a “Best of Etsy” gift guide for those impossible-to-shop-for Ernest Hemingway and Jane Austen aficionados. Your friend will soon be filling their pantry with fine Jane Eyre-themed tea, adorning their new tote bag with shiny pins, burning their new Old Books-scented candle with glee, and thanking you for years. Read on for all the details.



1.) Frostbeard Old Books Soy Candle, $18
2.) MT EX Bookshelf Washi Tape, available here, here, and here, ~$3
3.) Kookoobird Read More Enamel Pin, $8
4.) Boygirlparty Read ‘Em and Weep Tote Bag, $24
5.) Literary Emporium Go Away, I’m Reading Enamel Pin, $9.78
6.) The Uncommon Green Literature Rocks Glass in Moby Dick and Jane Eyre, $13
7.) Literary Emporium Shakespeare Engraved Pencil Set, $3.91
8.) Jane Mount Book Pin in Emma and To Kill a Mockingbird, $11
9.) Idlewild Co. 2017 Ladies of Literature Calendar, $28
10.) Design Atelier Article Metal Bracket Bookends, $59
11.) Packagery Ex Libris Book Stamp, $26-$34
12.) Andrew Brozyna Design & Illustration Night Owl Book Club Embroidered Patch, $5-$6
13.) Obvious State T.S. Eliot Ceramic Mug, $16
14.) Word for Word Factory Well Read Enamel Pin, $10
15.) First Edition Tea Co. Literary Tea Collection of Loose Leaf Tea, $51