There’s no shortage of box subscription services out there, likely because people love receiving mail and people love surprises. Okay, I know there are a bunch of people in this world who don’t like surprises—especially when you have no idea what you’re paying for—but those people still probably love getting packages. And I have to tell you, there’s nothing more exciting for a bibliophile than coming home to find book mail on your doorstep.


For the record, Boxwalla—the only box subscription service I currently use—offers monthly selections of films, green/cruelty-free (!) beauty products, and food as well. I’m too in love with handpicked books to try any of the other boxes, but it’s nice to know that I have options, especially since you can change up your box whenever you want. This month, I received another lovely collection of books and bookish things, including six floral bookmarks with Romantic poem excerpts, a card with a Charles Dickens quote, and three novels that I’d never heard of before—Woman at Point Zero by Nawal el Saadawi, Lost Paradise by Cees Nooteboom, and A Book of Memories by Péter Nádas. In keeping with my goal to become a better feminist and primarily read books by women this year, I think I’ll dive into Woman at Point Zero by Nawal el Saadawi as soon as I finish the books I’m reading now.

I’ve tried beauty boxes in the past, but I think it’s much more satisfying to receive something that will give back over time. There’s no expiration date on a book, and you don’t have to worry about a book “doing its job.” If a lipstick doesn’t work out, you’re left with nothing; if a book falls short of your expectations, you can unpack and dissect it to find out why.

There are a bunch of other book subscription services out there, and I’m interested to hear if anyone’s found a different box that they swear by. I love Boxwalla because the selection incorporates a global perspective—this month’s writers are Dutch, Egyptian, and Hungarian—and feels thoughtfully-chosen every time.

So tell me—what’s your favorite box subscription service? (Perhaps one involving cheese?)