In all honesty, I don’t listen to many podcasts. I spend most of my free time reading, flipping through magazines, and watching reruns of my favorite TV shows. But when I find a podcast that I really like, I treat it like a new season of House of Cards and binge the hell out of it.

My first foray into podcasts began with the almighty Serial; I fell in love with it when the first season was only five episodes deep, and have been fascinated by podcast storytelling ever since. This year I’ve also been determined to be a better feminist—out of the 54 books I plan to read this year, 40 of them (75%) will be by women—and so I’ve been hunting for podcasts with a similar goal in mind. As a result, three out of the five podcasts are about and produced by women. Read on and get ready to discover some audio gems.

Monocycle with Leandra Medine
If you love smart, stylish, and all-around kickass ladies, I recommend Monocycle with Leandra Medine. I’ve been bingeing Monocycle and I can’t tell you how addictive it is to listen to Leandra Medine, creator of Man Repeller. She’s honest, humorous, and radiant with energy. Her optimism is infectious, and her insights on fashion, feminism, and self-love reveal a true passion for helping others help themselves. She’s also not afraid to share her emotions on the airwaves, which I respect immensely. I can’t get enough of her or Man Repeller, so I’m about to read her book.


#Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso
If you’re into career talk and learning from business-savvy women, I recommend #Girlboss Radio. I watched the #Girlboss podcast livestream video of Sophia Amoruso and Emily Weiss’s interview (I’m obsessed with Glossier) and quickly fell in love with Sophia Amoruso’s intelligence and wit. The next day I borrowed #Girlboss from the library and devoured it. #Girlboss Radio is a continuation of Amoruso’s memoir: she interviews chic, successful women (like Madeline Poole, Sloane Crosley, and Bethany Cosentino) about their careers, the shitty jobs they’ve left in the dust, and the choices that have led them to live fulfilling lives. As someone who’s just beginning to forge a career path, I’m grateful that Amoruso has begun a conversation with other women who have figured it out (for the most part). Even though the future is daunting, this podcast makes me feel like I can carve out a space for my creative endeavors with some determination and lots of hard work.


Oh Boy by Man Repeller
If you want a sneak peek into the minds and lives of your favorite women, I recommend Oh Boy by Man Repeller (yep, another Man Repeller podcast… they’re really killin’ it over there). Host Jay Buim does a phenomenal job at diving into topics both personal and professional. Basically, here you’ll find interviews with a bunch of inspiring women. It’s similar to #Girlboss, but infused with its own flavor. Past guests have included Amy Odell, Alicia Yoon, Alexa Chung, and Man Repeller’s own Leandra Medine. Really, what more could you ask for?


Radiolab Presents: More Perfect
If you’re politically inclined, I recommend Radiolab Presents: More Perfect. I’m not as informed as I should be, and that’s why I’ve been trying to put in an effort to read the news regularly. When I saw that Radiolab had a new podcast about the Supreme Court, I jumped on the chance to educate myself about yet another important aspect of our society. You’re in for heavy topics (the first episode covers the death penalty) and top-notch reporting.


The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor
If you’re looking to add a dose of poetry and literary history into your life, I recommend the daily podcast The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor. Keillor (of Prairie Home Companion fame) starts each short segment with a number of notable events that have happened on that date, and then follows it up with a poem. Recent poets he’s read include William Butler Yeats, Billy Collins, Emily Dickinson, and Jane Hirshfield. On lazy mornings, I like to lie in bed and listen to three or four at a time.

What’s your favorite podcast? Let me know in the comments.