Yesterday I ran some errands downtown—truly my least favorite place in the city—and so when I got home, frazzled by the chaos and never-ending construction that is Union Square, I needed to treat myself. I fired up the French press, cut a few slices of this cherry loaf cake that I made recently, and got into full laze mode with my current read (The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood).

A bit about the cake… I sought out a recipe for a plum cake maybe a year ago when I purchased a bunch of sour plums and didn’t want to waste them. Stone fruit becomes so much sweeter when it’s baked, and so when I bought some not-quite-ripe cherries recently, I thought I’d dig out this recipe again. The only substitution I make is salted butter instead of margarine (I never have margarine around).

I highly recommend this recipe—it’s denser than a normal cake, but lighter than pound cake. As the recipe asserts, it’s truly a cross between a cake and a loaf bread. I’m not a huge baker, but this is a pretty hard recipe to screw up. I’ve used peaches, plums, and now cherries, and every time it’s turned out delicious. (Also, if you’re going to try this out, it always takes a lot more baking time in the oven—an hour and a half instead of forty-five minutes for me).

PS—check out this Stumptown guide to making French press if you’re stumped (no pun intended) on how to brew a good cup!