book lover’s gift guide: etsy edition


What do you buy for the reader who has everything—because to them, everything means a cup of tea and a good book? Bookish things, of course! Feast your eyes on the 2016 Mode and the Like Book Lover’s Gift Guide. Your friend with the impeccable literary taste is in for a treat.

There’s a twist this year, however; I’ve been very adamant about supporting artisans and small businesses recently, so I’ve put together a “Best of Etsy” gift guide for those impossible-to-shop-for Ernest Hemingway and Jane Austen aficionados. Your friend will soon be filling their pantry with fine Jane Eyre-themed tea, adorning their new tote bag with shiny pins, burning their new Old Books-scented candle with glee, and thanking you for years. Read on for all the details.

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life etc.

on self-fulfillment

When I graduated from university in May, I immediately missed its structure. I missed the predetermined schedule and the deadlines. I missed reading from textbooks and receiving grades for my hard work. Suddenly I was left to my own devices, and instead of having to complete assignments for a professor, I found myself in charge. I was now the one dictating my daily assignments and responsibilities, the one holding myself accountable for my projects. I was now both professor and student.

I can only take the university metaphor so far, but my real problem was I had no idea what my goals were. Finding a job was an obvious task I needed to accomplish, but I’d just spent the last seven years of my life learning and finding fulfillment through art and literature. My dreams felt as abstract as ever, and I found myself binge-watching Daria and Game of Thrones and ignoring the pressing need to find a creative outlet.

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delpozo resort 2017


Dear Mode readers, it is my sincere privilege to introduce you to one of my new favorite designers. I present… Delpozo. In 2012, Josep Font took over the 42-year-old Spanish fashion house to revamp the brand and has been churning out dreamy, voluminous creations ever since. His training in architecture is apparent in the over-exaggerated pleats, wide sleeves, and three-dimensional colorblocking of the label’s first resort collection.

Stars and stripes dance across structured separates. Font uses pattern and texture to emphasize shape, yet still maintains a minimalist aesthetic with clean, defined silhouettes. I’m crazy about the sequin stars that add a hint of sparkle to pointed collars, bags, and skirts. There’s a restrained whimsicality to Font’s designs, a quirkiness that is channeled into something eccentric and effortless. Follow the jump to fall in love with my favorite looks from the Resort 2017 collection and to read about Font’s designs, background, and inspiration in his own words.

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monday mood

orange you glad it’s autumn?


Night Film by Marisha Pessl

Westworld, The Night Of

Check out…
this DIY project for a beautiful pair of Loeffler Randall-inspired Nicolette heels by Miss Enocha / this NY Times op-ed piece by Julia Baird about eschewing age-restrictive dress codes / an amazing eye nail art DIY over at A Beautiful Mess / a personal essay by O.T. Marod on how to make a living as a poet via The Point Magazine / this chic fuzzy slipper DIY from The Sorry Girls / the groundbreaking news that Oxford University Press will credit both Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe for the three Henry VI plays via the Associated Press / how fashion can speak for a presidential candidate’s family, via the NY Times


Happy Halloween! Today’s Monday Mood is a roundup of some amazing articles and essays I read this month, as well as a few fun DIY projects that I’m going to try soon. I also wanted to gather some street style imagery highlighting my current go-to hues—fiery orange and marigold. Blue has always been my favorite color, but lately I can’t stop obsessing over shoes, sweaters, and coats that feature these poppy autumnal shades. They’re perfect for transitioning seasons, and since summer is finally (but slowly, seeing as I live in San Francisco) fading into fall, I’m excited to rock a warmer color palette for the cooler months.

(Images, clockwise from top left: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 )

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listen up | old favorites for fall


While some people revel in crafting playlists with one hundred of the newest hits, I’m the kind of person who gets immense pleasure from listening to her favorite bands over and over again and occasionally seeking out new music. I love lots of different music genres, but my tastes tend to lean towards oldies and indie music. I also prefer to listen to a band or musical artist’s entire album instead of jumping around between songs, but occasionally I’ll create a playlist that reflects my current headspace. Fall always gets me nostalgic, so I’ve recently had a bunch of old favorites (you can never go wrong with Death Cab for Cutie, The Decemberists, or Simon & Garfunkel!) on repeat. Click through to hear an hour’s worth of autumn-appropriate tunes.

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