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Ariel by Sylvia Plath

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As we move into mid-August, it seems like every day gets a little chillier, the leaves a little more orange. We turn to our sweaters and coats, our tea and coffee for warmth; we embrace rich earth- and jewel-tones in our fall wardrobes. I say “we” not to generalize, but to connect, because there’s something unifying about the seasons. They are an invisible force that brings holidays and new weather forecasts, and they influence our schedules, outfits, and choices in general.

We all have favorite times of the year, and this is mine. Ever since I was a child, the promise that school brought always excited me. Each season brings some sort of change with it, but for some reason fall seems the grandest, the most momentous. It is not quite the end of the year, but a feeling of upheaval is in the air whether you’re ready for it or not. I feel that fall consistently brings a familiar type of newness, a gradual, easing transition. We should all make the most of this time, and take it upon ourselves to turn over a crackly new leaf and see what’s hiding beneath it.

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